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Markus Lühmann cofounded companies in Germany and Singapore, is coaching entrepreneurs, managing directors and managers. In adition to run his own companies he is teaching at seminars founders and managers to build and grow their successful business. Markus studied business at University of California, Berkeley and University of Munich, where he worked at the Institute for Innovation Research, Technology Management and Entrepreneurship.

Markus worked for Deutsche Bank, Deloitte, Shearman & Sterling, Mercedes-Benz and other companies in Silicon Valley and multiple countries internationally. Markus Lühmann is Founder of Wistor GmbH, with coaching clients ranging from founders to managers, who worked at Bosch, IBM, Daimler, Axel Springer, Continental, Bilfinger, Universal Music and lots more. Furthermore he is founder of Galaxonic GmbH with clients from SME’s, where Galaxonic helped to grow the revenue of e.g. one of their customers businesses over 3568% in half a year without increased marketing spend, to corporates like SAMSUNG.

Since 2013 Markus is married. Together with his wonderful wife Lin, the successful architect, he co-founded Bioviera and

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Together with his excellent team, Markus is organizing Germany’s largest Digital Marketing Meetup, Digital Strategy, Marketing & Growth, Berlin Entrepreneurs Group and Germany’s largest ReactJS Meetup sponsored by various companies like SAP, BCG Digital Ventures, AtlassianAmazon and lots more.

See the awsome feedback of our participants of Bayer, Siemens, Rocket Internet, Dropbox and others, more at

Starting ecommerce in 2004 with his first product sourcing in Asia and America to marketing it online during high school, Markus is building businesses and uses his real practical experience from multinational corporations and startups during his seminars, consulting and in-person and online coachings.  

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