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Since high school I joined the Meetings at RAC Düsseldorf in Germany and afterwards during my studies at University of Munich had the opportunity to serve in the Board of RAC München Residenz for three years as treasurer. During my studies and work I visited countries in all continents, where I was always welcomed by members and am thankful to get inspired by many members, which I met in different countries and clubs. I got the opportunity to be speaker at different events and learned from the wisdom and experience from many members. The treasure of this opportunities and the awareness that no matter where you are, you are similar if you have similar values and attitudes, goes beyond my previous experiences. I want you to encouraged like I was at my first German RAC conference in Mannheim in Germany in 2007 at the DEUKO and later in 2008 in London at the European Convention the EUCO and at Rotary International Convention 2012 in Bangkok to take time apart from your work and studies. I am encouraging everyone to take this opportunities and connect with people no matter where you are. Below are some of my favourite Rotary Clubs outside of Germany.

My favorite Rotary Clubs outside of Germany


Rotary Club of San Francisco (first visit 2010)
Meeting at Olympic Club, California/USA
RC San Francisco

Rotary Club of Monaco (first visit 2014)
Hotel Meridien Monte-Carlo, Monaco
RC Monaco

Rotary Club of Mexico City (first visit 2010)
Meeting at Sheraton Maria Isabel, Mexico City/Mexico
RC Mexico City

Rotary Club of Barcelona 92 (first visit 2009)
Meeting at Hotel Juan Carlos I.Barcelona/Spain
RC Barcelona 92

Rotary Club of Hong Kong South (first visit 2012)
Meeting at the Hong Kong Golf Club, Hong Kong
RC Hong Kong South

Rotary Club of Taipei (first visit 2013)
Meeting at Caesar Park Hotel , Taipei/Taiwan
RC Taipei

Rotary Club of Rhodes (first visit 2007)
Meeting at Casino Rhodes & Rodos Palace, Rhodes/Greece
RC Rhodes

Rotary Club of Singapore (first visit 2012)
Meeting at Tanglin Club, Singapore
RC Singapore

Rotary Club of Istanbul (first visit 2012)
Meeting at Hilton Hotel Taksim,Istanbul/Turkey
RC Istanbul

Rotary Club of Detroit (first visit 2009)
Meeting at Detroit Athletic Club, Michigan/USA
RC Detroit

Rotary Club of San Jose (first visit 2010)
Meeting at Rotary Summit Center, California/USA
RC San Jose

Rotary Club of Stockholm International (first visit 2012)
Meeting at Hotel Hellsten, Stockholm/Sweden
RC Stockholm International

Rotary Club of Taichung Tatong (first visit 2013)
Meeting at Evergreen Laurel Hotel, Taichung/Taiwan
RC Taichung Tatong

Rotary Club of Cannes Palm Beach (first visit 2014)
Hotel Gray D’Albion, Cannes/France
RC Cannes Palm Beach

My favorite Rotaract Clubs outside of Germany

Rotaract Club of Barcelona (first visit 2009)
Meeting at Hotel Avenida Palace, Barcelona/Spain
RAC Barcelona

Rotaract Club of Chicago (first visit 2009)
Meeting at Union Leauge Club of Chicago,Illinois/USA
RAC Chicago

Rotaract Club of Rhodes (first visit 2007)
Meeting at Hotel Grande Albergo delle Rose, Rhodes/Greece
RAC Rhodes

Rotaract Club of Stanford (first visit 2010)
Meeting at Stanford University, California/USA

RAC Stanford 


Cal Rotaract (first visit 2010)
Meeting at University of California, Berkeley, California/USA

Rotaract Club of Michigan (first visit 2009)
Meeting at University of Michigan, Michigan/USA
University of Michigan RAC

Rotaract Club of San Francisco (first visit 2010)
Meeting at Office Buildigng Montgomery Street, California/USA
RAC San Francisco

Rotaract Club of Silicon Valley (first visit 2010)
Meeting at Eulipia Restaurant, California/USA
RAC Silicon Valley

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Picture: Australia by
Yi-Fang Lin & Markus Lühmann