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Markus Lühmann

Entrepreneurship. Technology.  Growth. 

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Markus Lühmann is a successful entrepreneur. Together with experienced partners Markus Lühmann is building own companies and joint ventures in Europe, Asia and America. Markus cofounds own companies and worked for multinationals like Mercedes-Benz, Deloitte, Shearman & Sterling and Deutsche Bank at different global locations e.g. in BerlinSingapore and Silicon Valley. He advises domestic and international clients on tech solutions and digital marketing to strategically grow their business. Markus is specialised on software development, digital marketing and growth to use the full digital potential of mobile, web, ecommerce, data, analytics and ads.

Furthermore Markus is organiser and speaker at conferences, events and meetups at companies like SoundCloud, Zalando and Amazon. He is speaking in front of thousands of participants at conferences on topics like entrepreneurship, tech solutions, digital marketing and growth. Markus obtained his B.Sc. from University of Munich (LMU), where he worked at the Institute for Innovation Research, Technology Management & Entrepreneurship. Since high school he develops software, worked at an advertisement, market research and marketing agency and started his first venture. 

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Markus Lühmann is Co-Founder of different companies in Europe and Asia. Besides building his own ventures, he advises business owners and companies on entrepreneurship, technology, digital marketing and growth. He implemented knowledge of his degree from University of Munich at global players like Deutsche Bank, Mercedes-Benz and Deloitte in Germany and Silicon Valley. Markus cofounded Lühmann’sGalaxonicBioviera, DentHelperAlumko, FYDEM and others with customers ranging from multinational companies like Samsung to private clients.

Born in Berlin, Markus done his high school in Germany at Annette-von-Droste-Hülshoff-Gymnasium in Düsseldorf with exchange in USA at Woodberry Forest School in Virginia. During his studies in Munich at University of Munich (LMU) he studied abroad in Barcelona at Universitat Pompeu Fabra, Mexico City at Tecnológico de Monterrey and Berkeley at University of California, Berkeley in California. 

Markus wrote his bachelor thesis at Mercedes-Benz Research & Development North America in Palo Alto. For his research he was invited and granted access at Stanford University by courtesy of Prof. James van Horne PhD (Northwestern). Furthermore during that time Markus wrote the paper “The race to future automotive technologies a prediction of structural changes – a study out of Silicon Valley”, supervised in California by Prof. Dietmar Harhoff PhD (MIT). Highlighting innovation, development and strategic partnerships to companies like Apple, Facebook, Google and Tesla as well as the integration of technologies and applications inside of the connected car. Prior to his work in Palo Alto Markus got the oportunity to worked during his studies at Mercedes-Benz Hybrid in Michigan at the Global Hybrid Cooperation a Joint Venture between General Motors, Daimler, Chrysler and BMW.

Markus obtained his B.Sc. from University of Munich (LMU), where he worked at the Institute for Innovation Research, Technology Management & Entrepreneurship and at the Center for Advanced Management Studies. Since high school he develops software, worked at an advertisement, market research and marketing agency in Germany and started his first venture. Markus is enjoying to travel with his wonderful wife, organic food, health and fitness.

Key consulting areas 


entrepreneurship, strategy & innovation

creating value, growth and long term digital success with goal and strategy setting, implementation and execution for consistent goal achievements

development & conversion optimization

development, design and conversion optimisation of websites, landing pages, online shops, Android and iOS Apps with focussed on target group, outcomes and goals

online advertisement & marketing

use the full potential of growth hacking, digital analytics, measurable KPIs to achieve positive ROI, online & performance marketing, SEO, SEM, SEA, PPC campaigns, Google Adwords, AdSense & Facebook Ads to enhance websites, landing pages, webshops and mobile apps

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